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Increasingly, countries around the world are taking action to impose greater restrictions on internet freedoms and to ramp up online surveillance activities. Many netizens around the world already suffer from internet censorship and mass online surveillance. These netizens are progressively more dependent on online security tools and anonymizers like ExpressVPN to get back the freedom and privacy they have lost. Some countries are trying to loosen the strings, but ExpressVPN remains available to all those who need greater levels of access and security.

China’s new free trade zone where internet restrictions will not apply came as a surprise to many who know about the county’s draconian censorship practices. Recently, the news of Facebook being unblocked in Pakistan gave netizens everywhere hope. And just ten days ago, Uzbekistan internet users found that they once again had access to websites that had been blocked for years. Some sites that were previously banned for posting criticism about the Uzbek government became suddenly available on Sunday, October 25. Uzbek citizens have been using proxies to access sites like and (Radio Free Europe). We still don’t know for sure whether this was a technical glitch or if the sites are really being opened to the public. The citizens of Uzbekistan are among those with the least degree of freedom to speak out. The president keeps firm control over the media and the internet, jailing journalists regularly. It was about this time last year that the authoritarian Uzbek government tightened internet restrictions, having national ISP Uztelecom block proxy sites and websites that posted content with opposing views to those of the government.


ExpressVPN for Internet Privacy and Access in Uzbekistan

Uzbek internet users are not as well-versed in using proxies as internet users in free countries are. This is a common problem in countries with internet censorship. When media and internet are strictly patrolled, it is difficult to learn the skills needed to bypass censorship effectively. Many proxies have been blocked in Uzbekistan, and most average internet users in the country do not know how to configure their browsers and other setting to be able to find and use the available proxies and anonymous networks.

What people in Uzbekistan need is a simple tool that they can just install and use on whatever computers or devices they own. The ExpressVPN app is the best choice for these users. ExpressVPN offers a single account that can be used on almost any operating system, whether for desktop, tablet or mobile. The very user-friendly ExpressVPN app can be easily downloaded, installed and used. There is no configuration necessary for the app to work, just a simple app to install that will take users directly to the server connections list once it is launched. With a single click, users can connect to any ExpressVPN server and start browsing, chatting and sharing content anonymously. ExpressVPN is great because with this single app, all the users’ internet activities are effectively shielded from ISP monitoring as well. ExpressVPN is simply a one-click solution for complete website and internet enable application access, military-grade online security data and traffic encryption, and supreme internet privacy and anonymity.

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