ExpressVPN Fights Internet Fraud and Identity Theft

There are too many security threats out there these days to properly treat in one articles. But the biggest threats revolve around Internet Fraud and Identity Theft. Most attacks are aimed at stealing people’s money through one of these tactics. The average internet user it at high risk of both attacks, and needs a good VPN like ExpressVPN to stay safe online.

So Many Possible Attacks

Symantec reported that the total number of vulnerabilities found in mobile operating systems so far this year is greater than the total number recorded since the advent of smartphones. And desktops aren’t safe either. Internet thieves are constantly developing new ways to get through people’s defenses. And the internet has given them more than enough ways to squeeze their way into networks, devices and online accounts.

Hackers and snoopers abound on the web, and most of them are out to make a profit. And many of them see their spoils as payment for their genius and effort. And they get promoted in hacker and criminal circles based on the number and variety of successful attacks they are able to perform. It has always been a dog-eat-dog world, and organized cybercrime survives on the ambitions of cybercriminals.

Online thieves crave financial information because this leads them directly to the loot. But they often cme against more difficult security hurdles when they take the direct approach. Many of them prefer to take the longer route. The journey begins with small pieces of personal information that lead them to other data which is then used to compromise online accounts and finally gives them access to their victims’ finances. The data they start with is not even private information. They can use a name, birthday, social security number, address or phone number to begin digging into any internet user’s personal life. Slowly but surely, they work their way into that person’s debit and credit cards and bank accounts by launching multiple attacks like phishing and social engineering.

Safety from Attacks with ExpressVPN

There are of course many ways to secure online accounts, computer files and mobile systems. But the best and easiest all-around defense is a service like ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is a virtual private network provider. SSL proxies and HTTPS do provide security, but it is often defeated by practiced hackers. Some proxy sites are even set up as decoys and are actually run by the criminals themselves. And other similar proxies and online security tools are difficult to navigate and maintain. And different proxies are needed to secure different applications, like browsers, instant messaging apps and VoIP. A VPN covers them all together.

A top VPN is really the best way to go. And the ExpressVPN app has been designed to be a very easy to use app that any internet user can operate and appreciate. It is installed and launched simply and quickly. It is truly a one-touch solution to secure internet activities.

Phishing is one of the most common cyber attack. It starts by infecting a computer or device with malware. Most often, this malware is uploaded to a website which is run by the criminals or is just another victim of their schemes. Once a user visits that website, legitimate or other, the criminals are able to skim data about the user. Sidejacking is another common attack that uses cookies to gain access to an active session of browsing, including social media activities. Sidejackers also use network sniffing to ride along on a wireless signal and follow users to the websites they visit, monitoring their activities. These attacks can also come along with additional malware that infects users’ computers so the criminals can gain access to their victims’ systems. They can then log keystrokes, intercept data packets, and the like to be able to access files, passwords, and other data.

ExpressVPN helps users to stay safe from these attacks by providing private data transmission, data encryption and malware protection. The first stage in ExpressVPN data transmission is the encryption of all data and traffic so it can’t be easily read by the average hacker. This data and traffic is then double-wrapped so it cannot be easily detected by snoops. The data packets are then sent through a private tunnel that ExpressVPN creates to send it to their secure server. The ExpressVPN servers provide malware protection, detecting and removing malware before it can even come close to the users’ computer or mobile device. And the ExpressVPN servers provide identity security by hiding the user’s IP address so their names, locations, and other personal details cannot be seen. This way, the VPN secures user personal data so thieves can’t pick it up for use in attacks and also protects the users from malware-based attacks.

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