ExpressVPN and Italy’s SOPA

Italy has a new set of regulations for Internet content piracy that is very much like the SOPA that was thrown out in the US. From the content copyright perspective, it is called the primary online law for the whole year of 2013. But this set of regulations allows websites to be censored and removed from the Web even without any court order or other due process. Many Internet users will really not appreciate the drastic website blocking that is likely to follow when the regulation process starts in April. For them, we have ExpressVPN, the best VPN provider for unblocking all kinds of content from any country in the world.

ExpressVPN Servers and Protocols

ExpressVPN has over 300 servers located all around the world. Users in Italy who find that they can no longer access their favorite websites because of newly imposed blocks can use it to easily get back on those sites. With ExpressVPN, users can choose any server they like to get the fastest and most secure access to almost any kind of blocked content. Using the handy protocol options on the ExpressVPN app interface, they are sure to find the perfect balance of access, speed, and security. And for all these servers and options, they never have to pay more than the set monthly fee.

Because the country has been accused before of not taking enough steps to defeat Internet content piracy, Italy has made a law that allows ISPs to block any sites that do not remove content that the AGCOM or the government doesn’t like. This will speed things up, but the strange thing is that the process that allowed the regulation to be passed wasn’t heard in the Parliament. Many in Italy, including members of Parliament and at least one UN official, have protested the regulation because it has bearing on freedoms of speech and business. But people don’t have to worry even though the regulation will soon take effect. They can still carry on as usual with their reliable VPN apps and DD-WRT flashed router configurations form ExpressVPN.

NSA's Bullrun

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