Bypass Internet Censorship in Iran

The internet censorship regime of Iran is considered to be one of the most sophisticated and largest in the world, operated by the government of Iran. However, only a small amount of information about this censorship system is made available to people outside the country, as the country’s internet users who try to inquest the network are prone to face retribution from the Iranian government. The country has a long list of websites that are blacklisted and those users who try to access such banned sites will be sent a notice. A team of researchers have recently found that around 500 of the most popular websites of the world are being blocked access in Iran. They also found that while the Iranian internet censorship regime censors websites with pornographic content, large number of sites in the categories news, society, and arts are also being censored.

In addition to blocking access to specific websites on the internet, the Iranian government also performs filtration of online traffic depending on the content it carries. Also, the internet in Iran is configured in such a way that the usage of specific set of encrypted protocols is disallowed. The government of Iran has set up a centralized facility through which most of the country’s online traffic passes. This facility is built with several censorship filters, which perform the basic job of filtering content accessed by the country’s internet users. The Iranian regime has also limited the internet speed limit nationwide in order to prevent users from accessing video content that probably require high bandwidth.

The Result

As a result of such pervasive and strict internet censorship practices followed by the Iranian government, all internet users of Iran, especially expatriates from other countries, have started to use countermeasures to bypass internet censorship in Iran. While there are different types of countermeasure technologies, such as Your Freedom, Tor, Ultrasurf, and FreeGate, that are being used by the country’s internet users, the best of them all is considered to be the virtual private network (VPN). Use of a VPN as the circumvention technology to bypass internet censorship in Iran will help users get their entire job done without being tracked by the government.

Process of a VPN

The internet censorship regime of Iran uses a wide variety of techniques to restraint the access to internet in the country. The most commonly used practices include: DNS redirection, IP blocking mechanism, broadband speed limitations, connection throttling, and HTTP keyword and host filtering. Among these, IP blocking is the widely used technique, through which the government will block access to websites by determining the location of internet users using their IP address. When the authorities find that a particular user is located in Iran and is trying to access a blocked website, it will automatically restraint access. This is where a VPN can be of help.

When a user obtains a VPN connection by signing up with a reliable VPN service provider, he or she will get to choose from a list of servers, to connect to, located in different parts of the world. In order to bypass internet censorship in Iran, the user should choose to connect to a server that is located in a country with very less or no internet censorship practices in place. By connecting to that particular server, the user will get an IP address from that country, replacing his or her current Iranian IP address. This change in IP will make the country’s authorities believe that the person is accessing from a different country and hence will allow access without censoring or blocking the user from accessing their favorite websites.


Best VPN Services

In order for you to bypass internet censorship in Iran, you can choose to use the services offered by one of the following top 5 VPN service providers:

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