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The Six Strikes Legislation has been in place for a few months now. But some people are still unfamiliar with the law and what it means for Internet users. Others are searching for protection against some penalties that can easily be mistakenly imposed.VPNs like boxpn rank high on the list of services that can help users avoid unjust penalties.

Five of the leading Internet service providers in the US set up Six Strikes. They engineered it as an innovative solution against the illegal downloading and sharing of copyrighted material on the Internet. The name comes from the six warnings that users will get for copyright violation. After the sixth warning, users will be penalized, including the possible disconnection of their Internet connection.

The problem with Six Strikes is that ISPs don’t have a sure way of detecting copyright infringement. They can at best get an idea of what websites users have visited and how much bandwidth they use at certain times. Innocent users who have been served with violation notices are very concerned about how the ISPs judged their guilt. There are several instances where an alleged violator has tries to protest the notification. In some cases, they found they had to pay fees in order to lodge a complaint. In others, their protest was ignored.

There is real reason for concern when ISPs can accuse users at random without solid proof. For instance, a visit to a P2P site known for hosting illegal content and high bandwidth usage shortly after the visit is not enough to accuse a user of violating copyright laws. But users have been presented with such logs of Internet use as the basis for the notices sent.

Many Internet connections provided by these ISPs are not very secure. Riding on other peoples Internet connections is not a new phenomenon. Hackers tap into connections all the time. The ISP needs to be responsible for their connection security. Without proper security measures in place, users cannot be held responsible for hacked accounts.

In light of the many cases of false copyright infringement notification, many have given up protesting the notices and defending their connections. They have opted instead to protect their traffic using a VPN service. Boxpn VPN, for example, can encrypt user data and traffic and give them an alternate IP that is untraceable. As an added benefit, boxpn VPN can determine if there is a parasite on the user’s connection. Since the ISP can no longer track the IPs given to users on their accounts, any traffic detected by the ISP is due to someone who has hacked into that connection.

Boxpn VPN is among the providers that are well-known for their ability to anonymize IP addresses and secure Internet traffic. They are held by security experts to be the best among simple solutions for personal data security and online privacy. With a VPN like boxpn, users are no longer in danger of having their browsing habits policed by their ISPs. In fact, virtually no one can trace users on a VPN.

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