Benefits of Virtual Private Network

In the present economic condition, small business organizations that have been dealing with only local and regional firms will now have to consider moving to international logistics and markets. There are also several companies that contain subsidiaries located all over their country or even throughout the world. In the meanwhile, there are certain security concerns faced by these organizations, which usually include transferring of important business data over the internet, Denial-of-Service (DOS) attacks, and protecting their networks from cybercriminals. Without regard to the presence of business organizations, may it be locally, regionally, or internationally, there is one thing that all these organizations need, which is a way to acquire rapid, reliable, and secure communications between their employees and offices, regardless of where they are located.

Up until recent years, communications of this type were possible only with the help of leased telephone lines. However, as the usage of the internet increased with time, business organizations started seeking for a cost effective approach to continue their business communications. This has resulted in the development of Virtual Private Network (VPN).

What is a VPN?

A VPN is basically a network connection that enables secure transfer of private data over a public or shared network, like the internet. As a matter of fact, one of the key drivers of virtual private networks is the universal presence of the internet. With the help of a VPN connection, the communication links amidst sites and users can be obtained safely, inexpensively as well as rapidly throughout the world. By following this process, a VPN connection enables business organizations to broaden their networks to subsidiaries as well as remote employees, such as those who travel frequently, strategic partners, and telecommuters, by establishing a private Wide Area Network (WAN) through the internet.

With all such VPN benefits, small business organizations are enthused to enjoy all they can get out of a VPN connection. And some of the most common VPN benefits are explained in the following sections of this article.

Cost-Saving Benefits

The most desired of all VPN benefits is the savings in cost it offers its users. VPNs usually enable business organizations to save between 30% and 70% when compared to other remote access solutions. Following are some additional cost saving methods offered by a VPN service:

  • Eliminate expensive leased lines: One way in which a VPN connection can help your organization reduce costs is by eliminating your need to acquire long distance leased lines that are very expensive. When you use a VPN connection, all your organization needs is just a short connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This short connection can be a local leased line, cable service, or even a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service. This feature offered by a VPN solely convinces several organizations to eliminate expensive leased lines and start using a VPN connection.
  • Decreased international calling costs: A VPN connection can also significantly reduce the costs associated with communications for organizations that contain several sites in international locations. When you use a data service or leased line to communicate between your American HQ and European subsidiary, the cost of communication would be extremely high. With a VPN connection, you reduce this cost, and sometimes even eliminate it, by having it constructed around an ISP that contains Post Office Protocols (POPs). Researches indicate that such a VPN connection can help organizations make 60 to 90 percent of cost savings.
  • Preclude numerous access lines: There are business organizations that contain numerous access lines, some for obtaining access to the internet and some for transferring data between different offices. As a matter of fact, studies have indicated that about 72 percent of branch offices contain numerous access lines to carry out their day-to-day business activities. With the help of a VPN connection, a subsidiary of your organization that has numerous access links can eliminate those and shift online traffic to the internet access connection it currently has, which will lead to considerable cost savings.
  • Decreased cost of equipment: The deployment and maintenance of VPN equipment is less expensive than that of those equipment required for implementing other types of remote access solutions. Cost savings offered by a remote access VPN in this manner ranges between 20% and 70%.
  • Scalability: When you use leased lines for communication between your offices, you may find that the cost associated with them is quite reasonable at first. However, as your organization develops, you will find a rapid increase in its cost. This is because the number of leased lines required to connect offices will increase with the increase in the number of branch offices. For instance, when you organization has two branch offices initially, you will require only a single leased line to connect between the two. When this number increases to four, you will require six lines to communicate, which will in turn increase the associated costs. Such issues can be avoided by using a VPN connection, which will simply tap into the access that is already geographically distributed.

Online Protection


Summary of VPN benefits

On the whole, an effective virtual private network can offer the following benefits to its users:

  • Enhanced security,
  • Expanded geographic connectivity,
  • Decrease in the transportation costs and transit time for your employees who work remotely,
  • Decreased operational costs,
  • Enhanced productivity,
  • Improved business continuity,
  • Network topology made easy,
  • International opportunities for networking,
  • Support for telecommuters,
  • Rapid return on investment (ROI) when compared to conventional WAN technology,
  • Compatibility of broadband networking,
  • Scalability that offers an all-inclusive solution for cost effective extranet, remote access, and intranet connectivity by way of public data services.

Best 5 VPN Providers

If you are looking for a VPN service provider that can offer you all of the VPN benefits discussed above, consider using the following connections:

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